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New(ish) Work: Pairanoid – Carry On feat. ALEXANDRIA

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A music video directed by the great Tyson Breuer. Shot in the dead of winter in rural Ontario in some deep, deep snow, the less-than-ideal conditions make for some more-than-ideal visuals. The concept is fairly abstract, about a journey and is carried along by the beat of the music. Was posted earlier this year but I’m just getting around to sharing it here now!

New Work: The Burger’s Priest – Straight Outta Coxwell

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Fun little project with my friends Ted Ghanime and Barry Cheong for Toronto’s best burger joint, Burger’s Priest as a tribute to their first location in the Coxwell neighbourhood of Toronto. After seeing the intro in the extended redband trailer for Straight Outta Compton we thought it was too good a joke to pass up on. Ted was the mastermind behind the idea and fortunately Burger’s Priest was on board as well as Porchetta & Co. in a little T.O. food biz cameo. I edited but also sneak into some…read more

Flavour by McCormick

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Food videos are always enjoyable edits. Simple and savoury. Makes me want to cook more than just pasta and perogies. Oh well, we can dream! Title designed by Sally Lee. Click the banner image to watch and read more.

Flashback 2011: My Scott Pilgrim and Inception Poster Designs

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Some old graphic design work from when I was still in school. Always love playing around in Photoshop and Illustrator, even to this day. Less and less time for it though, but I always take up the chance when I get to. This project was for a “movie night” at my school to help raise funds for our graduating year art show. I don’t think we were legally allowed to screen these movies for money, but whachagonnado? Anyway, the screening never actually happened. The posters did, however! I had a…read more

Case Study – Steam Whistle: Doing One Thing Four Ways

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Okay, so maybe not doing one thing, but below you can see four different videos I edited, directed by Mike Palmer and shot by Jon Simonassi, that detail four different aspects of Steam Whistle: their beer, their employees, their history, and their home but they all tie back to their philosophy and company culture. Each video stands on its own as its own isolated story but they all compliment each other and when seen together tell the real, full story. The approach was to tell each story its own way. Aesthetically, the videos…read more

Thing My Friends Gone and Done in 2014

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Totally forgot to post this article. It was sitting there, abandoned and neglected in my Unpublished bin. Here it is: (header image by Jon Simo) I have a lot of awesome friends who are incredibly creative and inspiring and I thought I would namedrop share some of their best work from this past year as well as have a go-to playlist of their best work. Mike Palmer & Jon Simo Roaming Focus Ep 5 – Prison Roaming Focus is a cool, ongoing photography series but this episode was on another…read more

Best of 2014: Film

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Hurray! Year end recaps of the year in movies. The time of cramming all the ones I’ve missed! This list will likely be redundant in six months when I see all the other stuff I missed. Still, a great year for movies. I was especially happy that most of the Oscar bait/prestige pictures were painfully obvious and of little interest to me and many of the blockbusters were actually excellent. I try to base my picks off of Toronto releases (or VOD availability in Canada) but I don’t really care…read more

tiff 14 picks

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It’s that time of year again.. TIFF time. That means I obsessively comb through the selection and pick best bets about what to see. I update and re-arrange as new info becomes available. I’ll also add showtimes. Hope this helps you. Oh, 1. No Galas will be added 2. Suggest anything I might have missed This is: Update 1 (15 movies added) Update 2 (3 movies removed; Midnight Madness, Vanguard, Docs, and Masters added) Update 3 (3 new Canadian movies added; several movies with near release dates removed) Update 4…read more


Best of 2013: Film

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Movies live! 2012 was a letdown year for me, luckily a lot of great films were saved for 2013. This year was packed with awesome blockbusters, cool indies, and a variety of envelope-pushers. The following are a loose list of what really made an impression on me, generated some great discussion, and were altogether memorable, satisfying films from 2013. Half of my TIFF films this year are releasing in 2014 and already make up half of my Top 10 list for that year—things are looking good.